Forest Swords



1. 'Islands', the ballet piece choreographed by Emma Portner, heads to Paris for a week at Theatres Des Champs-Elysees as part of the Dialogues dance festival. The female duet, originally premiered and commissioned by Oslo Opera House, includes specially written score by Matthew Barnes/Forest Swords.

2. 'Ghost Light', the new exhibition by multimedia artist and photographer Thomas Dozol, is showing at NAK in Aachen, Germany this summer with sound installation design by Forest Swords.

3. 'Planet City' is now showing at Melbourne Triennial, moving to Lisbon Maat Museum and Shanghai Bienniale. The video installation by architect/director Liam Young features a 15 minute quadrophonic soundtrack by Forest Swords. The piece imagines a megacity that houses the entire population of the world, leaving the rest of the planet to recover from human impact.